September 25, 2018

Episode 39 - The Onset Interview


Hello and welcome to episode 39 of HCS Pro Talk! This week, after a couple weeks of teasing, we finally bring to you the Onset interview! We also go over all of the rosters going into the Europa Halo tournament this weekend and the AGLA rosters. Along with the news, we also cover all of the tournaments that took place over the week including the start of the AGLA season! Thank you for listening and as always, links to everything that is talked about in the episode is below for your viewing pleasure.


  • Housekeeping 1:39
  • Roster Mania 4:10
  • Wills Adventures 13:14
  • News 18:43
  • Competitive News 46:53
  • Europa Halo News 48:42
  • AGLA 51:44
  • Tournaments 54:47
  • Onset Interview 57:46
  • Shoutouts 2:12:46


  • Community Playdate Announced For October 13th
    • When?
      • On Wednesday, September 26th, a poll will be put on Twitter containing potential time slots. Make sure to get your vote in and we will then announce the official scheduled time once the poll has concluded.
    • Games?
      • Halo 5
      • Halo: MCC
    • How to Join?
      • Join the Xbox Club (search for HCS Pro Talk) as this is where the invites will be coming from to be included within the playdate.
    • Party Chat?
      • It will either be Discord or Xbox Live. We will decide when it gets closer to the event. As stated previously, any racism, bigotry, and/or just being plain disrespectful will not be tolerated. Also, if you mic quality is not up to par (fan noise, breathing, etc), you will more than likely be muted.


News (Competitive)

  • Jimbo, SoSnakey, Suspector, and Cratos, Moving on From Halo for the Time Being and Going to CoD

Europa Halo News

Scrim Recap

  • No reported scrims took place over the week

AGLA Fall League 2018 Week 1 Results

Tournament Recap


Community Creations


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