September 11, 2018

Episode 37 - HCS London Pre-Show

Hello and welcome to episode 37 of HCS Pro Talk! This week, we bring you the latest rosters, news, scrims, and tournament recaps per usual. Of course the main topic of this week is our HCS London pre-show. We discuss predictions along with potential upsets and what we expect to see during the tournament. Thank you for listening and as always, links to everything that is talked about in the episode is below for your viewing pleasure.


  • RosterMania 3:54
  • Wills Nonadventures within the Haloverse 5:53
  • News 12:35
  • Competitive News 23:53
  • Europa News 25:10
  • Srims 28:25
  • Tournaments 36:13
  • Gamebattles 55:28
  • HCS London Pre-Show 59:21
  • Shoutouts and More 1:45:05


News (Competitive)

News (Europa Halo)

Scrim Recap

Tournament Recap

HCS London Pre-Show and Predictions

  • Event Information
  • Groups -
  • Predictions
    • Community
      • HiTechRedneck - It’s hard to predict anyone besides Splyce winning, but I personally would like to see Tox take it home. Or someone like Reciprocity or Elevate.
      • ScudPuddle - I agree. I think it’s either going to be Splyce or Tox.  Probably splyce
      • Gas HCS - Warlord on Mockit one to watch. Frequently performing against the big EU teams online
      • Sander - Finally a TOX/Splyce final at a normal time for me


  • Everyone who listened to last weeks show. Thank you all for the great feedback and also thank you to those who reached out with more information. Please know the PBL story is ongoing and there is more investigating that is being done.

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