September 4, 2018

Episode 36 - What’s Going on With the Pro Battle League (The Story So Far)

Hello and welcome to episode 36 of HCS Pro Talk! This week, we bring you the latest rosters, news, scrims, and tournament recaps per usual. We also go over the results of our most recent poll of what you would like to see for upcoming HCS seasons up to Halo Infinite's release. The big topic of this weeks show is that of the Pro Battle League. What originally appeared as some fishy views and follows within a stream, turned into something far worse. We dive deep into that among other aspects of the league. Thank you for the listening and as always, links to everything that is talked about in the episode is below for your viewing pleasure.


  • RosterMania 2:13
  • Adventures within the Haloverse 6:18
  • News 18:44
  • Competitive news 21:14
  • PBL segment 31:16
  • Scrims 1:11:41
  • Tournaments 1:17:02
  • HotTopic 1:26:38
  • Shoutouts+ 1:44:54

Pro Battle League News


News (Competitive)

Scrim Recap

Tournament Recap

What’s Next for the HCS? - The Results

  • Poll - 382 Votes
    • H2A?
      • 20%
    • H3?
      • 53%
    • H5?
      • 20%
    • Other?
      • 7%
  • Community Thoughts
    • Scudpuddle
      • I think it would be cool or interesting to have a mix. Admittedly, it would be a nightmare switching between MCC and H5. But I think that variety could be interesting. It might introduce more competition between the young guns, and the “old” guys. Different strategies for different games. Even same game types from the different games have different mechanics and strategy. Actually, I’ll stand by that. I want a mix.
    • BrianMakesGames
      • This might steer us further from the topic but I think there's something there in terms of an"ultimate master chief tournament" inside of just MCC. I'd watch the hell out of it. But it would have to be a one time kind of tournament. And NightFoxx is right--it's off-putting for anyone that hasn't been closely following Halo for 10+ years.
      • I don't believe that the issue with HCS is the game.
      • Halo 5 is a great competitive shooter with good eSports infrastructure (observer mode). Not having an observer mode greatly increases production costs while simultaneously making the broadcast worse. Moving backward to any game other than Halo 5 as the primary focus, would be a mistake to me.
      • With that being said though, I think it would be a great idea to run a smaller, parallel Halo 3 doubles or 4v4 league. I look at the competitive fighting game scene and their competitions have a whole lineup of games where people compete in multiple titles with no issues--so why not Halo? And this possibly could be what they're testing with the $10k doubles Halo 3 tourney at DreamHack.
      • I think by continuing to support the Halo 5 competitive scene with new maps and gametypes entering the rotation, the scene can sustain itself well enough until Halo Infinite. The game as it stands right now, is the most interesting its been since launch with new maps, oddball, and no spartan abilities. It's what the scene essentially wanted at launch, so why switch away now that we have what we asked for?
    • NightFox
      • Agrees with BrianMakesGames
    • GoalieSniper
      • I think the future season of HCS all hinges on how well this halo 3 2v2 tournament goes. I think as long as they broadcast it properly. And give it equal attention at dreamhack it’s going to bring in tons of people. So. I think if it does better than the h5 tournament. Next season will be a “throwback” season to halo 3. For a few reasons. 1. It’s what the pro scene wants. 2. With MCC getting that update. They’ll want to try and bring as many people back as they can. And having the pro scene playing on that tittle will bring people back. I know it’s the people who will already be watching regardless that want h3. But I do think it will bring in a lot of curious people to watch the stream. Because EVERYONE has either played or knows about halo 3. So you’ll have tons of curious people coming to check it out. Hearing about an h3 pro league going. Oh cool. Let’s check that out. Then maybe saying “oh man I’m going to go play some MCC.” I think it would just be a waste to have spent all that time fixing MCC to not have it be in the spotlight again. It’s what 343 wants. And what the pros want. So why not make it happen.
    • Stephen
      • What about Halo 2 Classic?????
    • Tobi
      • Id like to See a cross-halo tourney. With every game tbh
    • Jacob Harper
      • Not sure if it would be possible but Halo 2 & 3 4v4 events. Both most popular on MCC and would get the most players possible competing before hopefully a release of a new classic Halo game.
    • LLCoolJua
      • I would LOVE for it to be H2A or H3, but I can't imagine them straying from H5. HCS needs to continue to move forward, if it continually looks backward there won't be any growth.
    • Mark Francis
      • Stay with Halo 5 and for god sakes, bring the HCS league play back, with casting. Keep switching out maps and game types every season to keep it interesting. I love H5!
    • Search
      • They are more then likely gonna run h5. But I agree. A fixed h2a has all the makings of a good pre infinite season.
    • LexiXen
      • I think H2A is by far the best choice in terms of satisfying players/audiences with something 'new' without it being too old. H2A could still have new maps, gamemodes, cosmetics, etc added onto it since it is such a small offering at the moment, while still having the feel of classic Halo that so many want. It also LOOKS much better to a new audience than as old a game as Halo 3 when you're putting it at the forefront of Halo Esports for a good year or two. While Halo 3 is definitely the OG, you won't bring in new spectators with it imo
    • Cesar
      • H2A or H3 would be awesome but there's no way they are leaving H5
    • Moses FPS
      • They might as well save their money and not run tourneys if they go with h2a/h5. Those games have zero hype
    • Mahmood
      • Would love to see an h2c throw back tourney. Even if it's ffa. I will literally come in 8th in an h2c ffa and still have so much damn fun playing.
    • Dizzel
      • H2A could work if they add new maps and fix it for 2 shot beat down
    • Logics
      • Halo 3 would be a foolish move IMO. A lot of us arent onboard with it. What should've happened was year 3 of H5 should've done like no sprint no abilities nerfed h2br starts or SOMETHING. And then the end of year 3 should be a new Halo game. I would play H2C but not H3 or h2a
    • Tagernako
      • Disagree moses, h2a is good enough but h2 and h3 would be best. Agree h5 wouldnt generate much
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  • Everyone who took the time to vote and comment on the most recent poll.
  • Everyone who shared their information with us in regards to the Pro Battle League story. Without all of your hard word, we wouldn’t have a much larger story to share.

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