Hello and welcome to episode 32 of HCS Pro Talk! This week, the Europa Halo Champions League Grand Finals took place along with a ton of other community run tournaments. Of course there is plenty of news to cover, scrims to recap, and other things to talk about. Finally, we get into the main topic of the show which is maps and map design within Halo. Thank you for the listening and as always, links to everything that is talked about in the episode is below for your viewing pleasure.


  • XP Boost Packs Available Now Within Halo 5
  • Castle Wars is Back Within Halo 5
  • Forge Maps From Community Slayer Now Within Super Fiesta in Halo 5
  • Everyone Now Has Access to MCC Insider
    • https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-insider-flight-update
      • Assuming ongoing work progresses as planned and the expanded MCC Insider Flights perform as expected, the team is closing in on the official release of the first significant patch for retail MCC. We can’t quite announce that date yet – but we’re in the home stretch and quickly closing in on that huge milestone.
      • Once the retail update goes out, the next order of business is bringing the new and improved MCC to Xbox GamePass – which was officially confirmed back in June during E3. We’ll have more details to share here soon but final timing is still pending the current flight and overall status for the retail patch itself.
      • Once retail MCC is updated and the title moves into GamePass, the MCC Insider Program is going to morph into something a little different. We’re still working through some of the final details but a persistent “test realm” is going to live alongside the retail product where the team will continue working and iterating (along with the highly anticipated “Custom Games Browser”). Once that shift occurs, anyone who owns a digital copy of MCC (there’s no viable entitlement system for a physical disc) or is an active GamePass subscriber will be able to continue playing the Test Realm builds and helping to shape future updates for MCC. This test realm is where ongoing work will continue with further patches, fixes and features that will then roll into the retail product.
  • Halo Community Update - 8/2/18
  • Installation 01 Weekly Update

News (Competitive)

Europa Halo News

  • The Future of Europa Halo - We will no longer run big open cups or major team leagues. We will run a FFA league in the future and an invitation only Pre-LAN cup for confirmed LAN teams. We hope to see demand for the FFA in EU after today’s event and more players enter.
  • The No Team Needed event will return on a monthly basis. For September's run we hope to go back to 32 players. If you want in on this it's a first come first served basis. DM me to be added to the list of interest for September and once a date is confirmed we will ask you first.

Pro Battle League News

  • Atlanta Zenith - Hoaxer as Team Captain

Scrim Recap

Tournament Recap

  • Halo 5 2v2 Sunday Showdown Tournament Results
  • The Focus Fire Weekly FFA Tournament Recap
    • 1st Place
      • Foxzic
        • $15
  • Beyond Astro Spartans August FFA Tournament Recap
  • NA Gamebattles 2K Tournament Recap
  • Halo Wars 2 Champions League Season 2 - The Banished
  • Europa Halo No Team Needed August FFA
    • 1st Place
      • Conna
        • 43 Kills, 20 Assists, 37 Deaths
    • 2nd Place
      • Looney
        • 43 Kills, 11 Assists, 32 Deaths
    • 3rd Place
      • Icon
        • 39 Kills, 21 Assists, 30 Deaths
    • 4th Place
      • Censure
        • 37 Kills, 21 Assists, 29 Deaths
    • 5th Place
      • The Warrior O’Niel
        • 35 Kills, 26 Assists, 36 Deaths
    • 6th Place
      • Penguin (not NA Penguin)
        • 26 Kills, 17 Assists, 39 Deaths
    • 7th Place
      • Lundy
        • 25 Kills, 22 Assists, 37 Deaths
    • 8th Place
      • Dezire
        • 24 Kills, 20 Assists, 32 Deaths
  • Europa Halo Champions League Grand Finals
    • Mock-It Esports VS Aerox Gaming
      • Game 1 - Strongholds on Plaza
        • 100-8 - Mock-It
      • Game 2 - Slayer on Coliseum
        • 50-34 - Mock-It
      • Game 3 - CTF on Truth
        • 3-0 - Mock-It
      • Game 4 - Strongholds on The Rig
        • 100-36 - Mock-It
      • Series Score
        • 4-0 - Mock-It Esports

Halo Maps - The Results

  • https://twitter.com/HCSProTalk/status/1024396976887095296
  • Favorite Maps (Casual)?
    • Longest (H1)
    • Longshore (H3)
    • Waterworks (H2)
    • Coagulation (H2)
    • Blood Gulch (H1)
    • Valhalla (H3)
    • Chiron (H1)
  • Favorite Maps (Competitive)?
    • Guardian (H3)
    • Construct (H3)
    • Plaza (H5)
    • Sanctuary (H2)
    • The Pit (H3)
    • Midship (H2)/Heretic(H3)/Truth(H5)
    • Warlock (H2)
    • Lockout (H2)
    • Element (Reach)
  • Least Favorite Maps (Casual)?
    • Fathom (H5)
    • Haven (H4)
    • Tombstone (H2)
    • Snowbound (H3)
    • Risen (H5)
    • Elogation (H2)
    • Hang Em High (H1)
  • Least Favorite Maps (Competitive)?
    • Adrift (H4)
    • Guardian (H3)
    • Stasis (H5)
    • Fissure (H5)
    • The Rig (H5)
    • Amplified (H3)
    • Sanctuary (H2)


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