Hello everyone and welcome to episode sixteen of HCS Pro Talk! In this weeks episode, the largest Halo Esports event has concluded and a Halo World Champion has been crowned. Will and Josh bring you the HWC 2018 Finals Post-Show. As a first for the show, we break down every single game of every single series of the tournament, so yes. This one is long. Like, three hours long. So strap in and get ready. Also, let us know your feedback on this new format for the Series Recap. Do you like it? Do you hate it? LET US KNOW!

Thanks for listening and as always, links to everything discussed within the show is included below for your viewing pleasure.


Astro Spartans 4v4 Tournament By Team Beyond Results

HWC Finals 2018 Post-Show


Community Creations

  • The entire Halo community for coming together and creating such an incredible event for the Halo World Championship 2018 Finals.


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