Hello everyone and welcome to episode fifteen of HCS Pro Talk! In this weeks episode, Will has completed Halo: CE and we talk about it!, We also talk about some actual Rosters, news, scrim recaps, some tournament results, and more. The meat and potatoes of this episode is of course, the Halo World Championship 2018 Pre-Show. We have predictions and we want you to know about them. We finally wrap the show up with some shout-outs along with some classic HCS Pro Talk rambling that you have come to know and expect.

Thanks for listening and as always, links to everything discussed within the show is included below for your viewing pleasure.


Beyond x Astro April FFA Tournament Results

Europa Halo Champions League Seeding Cup #1 Results

Europa Halo Champions League Seeding Cup #2 Results

HWC Finals 2018 Pre-Show


  • Justin LaFlèche for the idea for the HCSProTalk Spartan Company - https://twitter.com/LaFleche31 - GT: Goalie Sniper
  • Alex AKA LexiXen AKA Vexi Lexi and the rest of the Vexed Gaming roster for winning the EU PCS (Paladins Console Series) Monthly Final and qualifying for the PCS Finals in Atlanta! - https://twitter.com/LexiXen
  • Europa Halo for the continued grind within the Halo community by setting up tournaments, events and more! - https://twitter.com/EuropaHalo

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