April 16, 2019

Episode 69 - Why You Gotta Be So Rude?

Hello and welcome to episode 69 (yes, THAT episode) of HCS Pro Talk! This week, while not a lot happened in the realm of all things that are Halo, that does not mean we don't have something important to talk about. Quiet the opposite. This week, we discuss why the Halo community is so fragmented. What led to this? How can we, as a community, make it better? Thank you for listening and as always, links to everything that is talked about in the episode is below for your viewing pleasure.


  • Roster Mania 5:11
  • Will’s Adventures 17:30
  • News 26:40
  • Tournaments 42:40
  • Topic 47:00
  • Shoutouts 1:46:45


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