May 17, 2020

Episode 127 - Not My Precious Halo 2!

Hello and welcome to episode 127 of HCS Pro Talk! This week, you thought Roster Mania was a thing last week, but THIS week is the REAL deal. In other words, Will has some fun with a lot of names. We also dive deep in the recent issues with Halo 2 releasing on MCC PC along with the recent update to MCC as a whole. Thank you for listening and as always, links to everything that is talked about in the episode is below for your viewing pleasure.


  • Competitive News 3:16
  • Upcoming Tournaments 8:47
  • Roster Mania 11:08
  • Tournament/League Recap 24:28
  • Topic 34:25
  • News 1:15:45
  • COD Watch 1:20:09
  • Will’s Adventures 1:28:00


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